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use qt6-15 brick making machinery to set an automatic concrete hollow block making factory

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Using the QT6-15 brick making machinery for setting up an automatic concrete hollow block making factory can be a great choice. Here are some important considerations for establishing such a factory:

1. QT6-15 brick making machinery: The QT6-15 is a fully automatic brick making machine that can produce various types of concrete hollow blocks with high efficiency. It offers advanced features and functions, including automatic feeding, material distribution, molding, and stacking.

block making production line

2. Factory space and layout: Determine the available space for your factory and plan the layout accordingly. Allocate areas for raw material storage, curing, brick production, and product storage. Make sure the layout facilitates a smooth flow of materials and finished products.

3. Raw materials: Identify and source the necessary raw materials for concrete block production. This typically includes cement, aggregates (such as sand and gravel), water, and additives (if required). Choose reliable suppliers that provide consistent quality materials.

block making material powder stone

4. Production capacity: The QT6-15 brick making machinery has a high production capacity. Consider your market demand and set production targets accordingly. Determine the number of machines required to achieve your desired output.

5. Mold selection: The QT6-15 machine offers flexibility in terms of block molds. Select the appropriate molds for producing concrete hollow blocks of different sizes and shapes. This allows you to cater to various construction needs and market demands.

mold types

6. Curing and drying system: Implement a curing and drying system to ensure proper strength development and quality of the concrete hollow blocks. This can involve a curing chamber, controlled environment, or an open yard with proper cover and ventilation.

7. Quality control: Establish a quality control process to monitor and test the concrete mix and finished blocks regularly. This helps ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

cement brick mold

8. Maintenance and technical support: Set up a maintenance schedule for the machinery to keep it in optimal condition. Ensure that you have access to technical support from the manufacturer or supplier for any troubleshooting or repairs that may be required.

9. Compliance and permits: Adhere to local regulations and obtain the necessary permits and licenses for operating a concrete block making factory. This may include environmental regulations, safety standards, and business licenses.

10. Skilled workforce: Ensure you have a competent and trained workforce to operate and maintain the machinery effectively. Provide necessary training and safety protocols to enhance productivity and minimize operational risks.

Remember to prioritize safety in all aspects of the factory, including worker safety, machine operation, and material handling. Regularly review and update your production processes and equipment to stay competitive in the market.





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