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qt4-18 block making machine introduction

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QT4-18 is one of the popular brick making machines manufactured by the Fuda Brick Making Machine Factory. It is an automatic machine that can produce different types of bricks, such as solid, hollow, and interlocking bricks by using different molds. Some of the features of the QT4-18 brick making machine include:

1. It has a high production capacity, and it can produce up to 1000-1200 bricks per hour.

2. The machine is capable of producing bricks with a uniform shape and size.

3. It uses hydraulic pressure, which helps to ensure that the bricks are of high quality and have sufficient strength.

4. The machine is easy to operate, and it doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

5. It comes with a PLC system for automated control and a touch screen for easy monitoring of the production process.

Overall, the QT4-18 brick making machine is a reliable, efficient, and durable machine that can help manufacturers produce a large number of bricks in a short time. It is suitable for small and medium-sized brick-making businesses and can produce different types of bricks to meet different market demands.






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