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pallet free automatic cement brick making machine

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The QT12-15 is a popular model of fully automatic cement brick making machine that offers pallet-free operation. Here are some key features and characteristics of the QT12-15 pallet-free automatic cement brick making machine:

1. **Pallet-Free Operation**: This machine eliminates the need for pallets during the brick-making process. Instead, it uses a specialized brick stacker system that directly stacks the freshly made bricks on top of each other without the use of pallets. This not only saves cost and time associated with pallet handling but also allows for faster production cycles.

pallet free brick making machine

2. **High Production Capacity**: The QT12-15 has a large production capacity, capable of producing a substantial number of bricks in a short time. The specific capacity may vary, but it is typically higher compared to smaller models.

3. **Automatic Operation**: The machine is fully automatic, meaning it performs most of the processes without manual intervention. It incorporates advanced control systems, such as a programmable logic controller (PLC), to automate functions like material feeding, mixing, molding, demolding, and stacking.

fully automatic brick making machine

4. **Versatile Block Types**: The QT12-15 supports various types of cement bricks, including standard solid bricks, hollow bricks, pavers, and interlocking bricks. The machine is equipped with interchangeable molds that allow for flexibility in producing different block designs and sizes.

5. **Vibration System**: The machine incorporates a vibration system to ensure proper compaction of the concrete mix. This helps in achieving high-quality bricks with consistent strength and density.

automatic block making production line

6. **Material Handling and Batching**: The machine usually includes an automated material handling system that accurately measures and transfers the required materials, such as cement, sand, aggregates, and water, to the mixing area. This ensures a uniform and consistent mixture.

7. **Curing System**: The QT12-15 may have an integrated curing system or require a separate curing area. The curing system helps in maintaining the optimum moisture and temperature conditions for the freshly made bricks, promoting curing and hardening to achieve desired strength.

8. **Quality Control and Safety Features**: The machine is equipped with quality control mechanisms to ensure consistent brick quality. This can include automatic control of block dimensions, sensors for material levels, and safety features to protect operators during machine operation.

9. **Maintenance and Support**: Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machine in optimal condition. It is important to choose a supplier or manufacturer that provides after-sales service, technical support, and readily available spare parts.





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