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introduction of the manual clay block making machine qt2-40 and the steps of how to use it

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The manual clay block making machine QT2-40 is a small-scale machine that can produce clay blocks for use in construction. It is manually operated and requires no electricity or fuel to operate, making it suitable for areas with limited access to utilities. The machine is designed to be simple to use and maintain, requiring minimum technical expertise.

manual clay block making machine

Steps to Use the Manual Clay Block Making Machine QT2-40:

1. Preparation:

- Ensure that the machine is placed on a stable and level surface.

- Soak the clay soil used for making blocks in water and mix it thoroughly to achieve a workable consistency.

- Prepare a clean and level space nearby to stack and dry the blocks.

2. Load Clay:

- Open the hopper located on top of the machine and fill it with the wet clay mixture.

- Distribute the clay evenly using a shovel or similar tool.

- Close the hopper securely to prevent any spillage while operating.

3. Start Operation:

- Position yourself in front of the machine, facing the lever handle.

- Grasp the lever handle firmly and pull it towards you, turning the flywheel and activating the machine.

- Repeat the pulling motion several times to compress the clay and shape it into a block.

small clay block making machine

4. Eject the Block:

- Release the lever handle and rotate it away from you, allowing the flywheel to rotate in the opposite direction.

- This reverse motion will eject the formed block from the mold.

- Gently tap the side of the mold to release the block completely.

5. Repeat the Process:

- After ejecting the block, open the hopper and load it again with clay.

- Continue the operation by following steps 3 and 4 to produce additional blocks.

- Repeat the process until the desired number of blocks is produced.

clay block types (2)

6. Stack and Dry the Blocks:

- Carefully remove each block from the machine and stack them nearby, allowing proper space for air circulation.

- Ensure that the blocks are stacked in a stable manner.

- Leave the blocks to dry naturally in a shaded area, preferably protected from direct sunlight and rain.

- The drying time varies depending on climate conditions, but generally, it takes several days for the blocks to completely dry and harden.

Please note: It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines provided with the machine for the best results and to ensure safe operation.





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