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introduction of moving automatic block making machine qmy6-25

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The QMY6-25 is a moving automatic block making machine designed for the production of various types of concrete blocks. Here is an introduction to the key features and specifications of the QMY6-25 machine:

automatic moving brick making production line

Key Features of QMY6-25 Moving Automatic Block Making Machine:

1. Mobile and Flexible: The machine is equipped with wheels, allowing for easy movement and flexibility in different worksites. It can be transported to different locations, enabling on-site block production.

2. Automatic Operation: The QMY6-25 operates in an automatic mode, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity. It is equipped with a PLC control system, ensuring precise and consistent block production.

automatic moving brick making machine

3. Versatile Block Types: The machine can produce a variety of concrete blocks, including hollow blocks, solid blocks, paver blocks, and interlocking blocks. It offers versatility in meeting different construction requirements.

4. High Production Capacity: With its automatic operation, the QMY6-25 can produce a significant quantity of blocks in a shorter time, meeting high production demands.

automatic moving block making production line

5. Easy to Use: The machine is designed for user-friendly operation, with simple controls and intuitive interfaces. It requires minimal training for operators to operate effectively.

6. Sturdy Construction: The QMY6-25 is built with a robust structure and durable components, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

mold types

Specifications of QMY6-25 Moving Automatic Block Making Machine:

1. Block Size: The machine can produce various sizes of concrete blocks, including hollow blocks, solid blocks, paver blocks, and interlocking blocks. The specific sizes depend on the molds used.

2. Production Capacity: The QMY6-25 has a production capacity of approximately 4000 to 6000 blocks per 8-hour shift, depending on the block size and complexity.

3. Power Requirement: It typically operates on a 15 kW power supply.

4. Raw Materials: The machine uses common raw materials for block production, including cement, sand, aggregates, and water. Proper proportions and mix design should be followed for optimal block quality.

5. Hydraulic System: The QMY6-25 utilizes a hydraulic system to apply pressure for proper compaction and forming of the blocks.

6. Palletizing System: The machine features an automatic palletizing system, which facilitates the stacking and handling of finished blocks, enhancing the overall production efficiency.

Using the QMY6-25:

1. Prepare the raw materials, ensuring their quality and proper proportions according to the recommended mix design for the desired block type.

2. Adjust the machine settings, such as block size, production quantity, and curing time, using the PLC control system.

3. Load the mixer with the measured quantities of cement, sand, aggregates, and water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until a consistent concrete mixture is obtained.

4. Fill the molds with the concrete mixture using the machine's automatic feeding system. The machine will apply hydraulic pressure for compaction and form the blocks.

5. After the blocks are molded, they need to be cured for the required duration to gain strength. Transfer the molded blocks to a curing chamber or stack them for controlled curing.

6. Once the blocks have cured sufficiently, they can be palletized and stacked for storage or transportation.





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