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introduction about semi automatic block making machine qt4-24

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The semi-automatic QT4-24 block making machine is a versatile and efficient concrete block production machine. It is designed to produce various types of concrete blocks, including solid blocks, hollow blocks, paving blocks, and interlocking blocks. Here is an introduction to the key features and specifications of the QT4-24 semi-automatic block making machine:

1. Semi-Automatic Operation: The QT4-24 block making machine combines manual and automatic operations. It requires human intervention for the loading of raw materials and demolding of finished blocks, while other functions such as mixing, compacting, and molding are automated.

semi automatic brick making machine

2. High Production Capacity: This machine has a moderate production capacity, capable of producing up to 4,800 standard size concrete blocks per 8-hour shift (depends on block size and design). The semi-automatic operation allows for efficient and continuous block production.

3. Versatility in Block Types: The QT4-24 block making machine can produce various sizes and types of blocks by simply changing the mold. It offers flexibility in producing different block designs according to specific project requirements.

4-24 bricks

4. Hydraulic System: The machine utilizes a hydraulic system for improved stability and reliability during block production. The hydraulic components ensure optimal pressure for proper compaction and strength of the blocks.

5. Vibration Technology: The QT4-24 block making machine employs vibration technology to ensure even and consistent distribution of concrete within the mold, resulting in high-quality blocks with excellent dimensional accuracy.

4-24 b

6. Material Feeding System: The machine features a material feeding system that automatically transports raw materials, such as sand, cement, and aggregates, into the mixer for efficient mixing and subsequent block production.

7. Energy Efficiency: The QT4-24 block making machine is designed with energy-efficient features to minimize power consumption during operation. It helps reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

4-24 z

8. User-Friendly Design: The machine is designed with user convenience in mind. It features an ergonomic control panel, easy-to-use interface, and simple maintenance requirements.

9. After-Sales Support: Reputable manufacturers of the QT4-24 block making machine typically provide comprehensive after-sales support, including installation assistance, technical training, and access to spare parts.


The semi-automatic QT4-24 block making machine offers a balance between automation and manual operation, making it suitable for various construction projects, particularly those with moderate production demands. Its versatility, efficiency, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for producing high-quality concrete blocks.





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