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instruction of high capacity Concrete Block Machine for Construction

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Here are the instructions for using a high capacity concrete block machine for construction:

1. Gather all the necessary materials and equipment: You will need concrete blocks, cement, water, sand, gravel, a concrete mixer, a block making machine, and safety gear.

2. Prepare the concrete mix: Mix cement, water, sand, and gravel in a concrete mixer until it is smooth and consistent. The ideal mixture ratio is 1:2:3 (one part cement, two parts sand, and three parts gravel).

3. Load the concrete mixture into the block making machine: Use a wheelbarrow or a conveyor belt to transfer the concrete mixture into the block making machine.

4. Adjust the settings of the block making machine: Adjust the vibration frequency and pressure according to the size and density of the concrete blocks you want to make.

5. Fill the block molds with the concrete mixture: Use a shovel or a scoop to fill the molds with the concrete mixture. Make sure the molds are completely filled and leveled.

6. Release the blocks from the molds: After the blocks are cured and hardened, release them from the molds one by one. A high capacity block making machine can produce hundreds of blocks per hour.

7. Store the blocks in a safe and dry place: Stack the blocks in a pyramid shape and cover them with a tarp or plastic sheet to protect them from rain and dust.

By following these instructions, you can efficiently use a high capacity concrete block making machine to produce high quality blocks for your construction project.





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