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how to make color paver blocks by automatic brick making machine

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To make color paver blocks using an automatic brick making machine, you would need to follow these steps:

1. Raw Material Preparation: Prepare the base mixture for the paver blocks by mixing cement, sand, aggregates, and water in the appropriate proportions. This serves as the base material for the colored pavers.

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2. Colorant Addition: Add the desired colorant or pigment to the base mixture. Pigments are available in powder or liquid form and can be easily mixed with the base material. The amount of colorant added will depend on the desired intensity of the color.

3. Mixing and Batching: Transfer the base mixture with the added colorant into the mixer of the automatic brick making machine. Ensure that the colorant is evenly distributed throughout the mixture by thoroughly mixing it.


4. Molding: Once the colored mixture reaches the desired consistency, transfer it to the molding section of the machine. The machine should have specialized molds designed for creating paver blocks with specific shapes and sizes. Ensure that the molds are clean and properly aligned before starting the molding process.

5. Pressing and Compacting: Apply high pressure to the colored mixture within the mold to compress and compact it tightly. This helps in achieving the desired strength and density of the color paver blocks. The automatic brick making machine will have mechanisms in place to facilitate the pressing and compacting process.

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6. Curing: After the compaction process, allow the molded color paver blocks to undergo the curing process. This might involve steam curing, heat curing, or natural air drying, depending on the requirements. Follow the recommended curing time and conditions to ensure the blocks gain sufficient strength and stability.

7. Demolding and Finishing: Once the color paver blocks have fully cured, remove them from the molds using the demolding mechanisms of the automatic brick making machine. Check for any imperfections or excess material on the surface of the blocks. Trim or rectify these issues to achieve a finished appearance.

8. Stacking and Packaging: Stack the finished color paver blocks in an organized manner for storage or transportation. Depending on your requirements, you can package or palletize the blocks to facilitate handling and distribution.

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By following these steps, an automatic brick making machine can efficiently produce color paver blocks with consistent quality and appearance. The machine's automation capabilities ensure accurate mixing, precise molding, and efficient production of colored pavers, reducing labor costs and improving overall efficiency.





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