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The material Ratio for soil interlocking brick making machine

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Your cement to soil ratio can be anywhere from 5% to 12% cement. Once you have determined what ratio you are going to use, you can then start your mass mixing.

The easiest method for preparing your mixture is to have a container that holds the same amount as a bag of cement. The cement must come level with the top of container so that measuring one part cement will be the same as one part soil.

Here are some example of different mixing Ratio:

5% Mix: 1 bag cement +20 parts soil

8% Mix: 1 bag cement +12 parts soil

10% Mix: 1 bag cement +10 parts soil

12% Mix: 1 bag cement +8 parts soil

When mixing it is advisable to only mix one bag of cement at a time so you get an even mixture. Start by mixing your soil and cement until mixer thoroughly. Then add water.  This must be done slowly and evenly. Indally using a watering can.

You need to make sure you add the right amount of water to your mixture. Too dry mixture will make your brick curmble when handled and too wet will make your brick lose shape and crack. Ideally you want a mixture which when you squeeze itin your hand it sticks together when you push your thumb into it. It will brick into a few pieces. When you compress you brick there should be no visual sign of water on the top of the brick or on the lid and sides of the machine





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