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Qt4-25 Concrete Brick Making Machine To Make Interlocking Blocks

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The QT4-25 concrete brick making machine is a popular choice for making interlocking blocks. Here are some key features and specifications of this machine:

Qt4-18 Hollow Block Making Machine

- Rated power: 22.5 kW

- Voltage: 380 V

- Hydraulic pressure: 16 MPa

- Pallet size: 850x550 mm

- Cycle time: 20-25 seconds

- Production capacity: 4608-5760 pieces per 8-hour shift

To make interlocking blocks using this machine, you will need the following steps:

block making marerial

1. Prepare the raw materials: Cement, sand, gravel, and water. Ensure the mixture is suitable for making concrete blocks.

2. Load the mixture into the hopper of the machine.

3. Start the machine and it will automatically mix and press the concrete mixture into shaped blocks using the hydraulic pressure.

4. The machine will produce interlocking blocks with precise dimensions and good quality.

concrete block application

5. Once the blocks are ready, remove them from the machine and let them cure for a few days.

6. After curing, the interlocking blocks can be used for construction projects, such as building walls, pavements, and more.

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