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QT4-20 cement block making machine for sale in Jamaica

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The QT4-24 cement block making machine is a semi-automatic machine that is used for producing various types of bricks, including hollow bricks, solid bricks, and porous bricks. It is highly adaptable and can work with different materials such as concrete, fly ash, and slag.

This machine features mechanical vibration, with a down-vibration box equipped with two sets of 3 KW motors and an up-vibration motor with a 2.2KW vibration motor. The mold can be easily operated and materials can be fed by electricity, reducing the need for manual labor.

semi automatic brick making machine

It is a low-cost option for starting a brick factory and has a strong structure and simple operation. By changing the molds, it can produce different types of blocks. The estimated production capacity for one day is about 3500-4000 pieces.

Regarding the price, it ranges from $8000 to $11500 per set, depending on the supplier and specific configuration. You can contact a supplier or manufacturer for more detailed pricing information.





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