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Introduction of moving automatic brick making machine, and the steps of how to make concrete blocks.

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The moving automatic brick making machine is an innovative and efficient machine that simplifies the process of manufacturing concrete blocks. It is capable of producing a large quantity of high-quality blocks in a shorter period of time, making it a popular choice among brick manufacturers. This machine incorporates advanced technology and features automated processes, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity. With its mobility feature, it can easily be transported to different construction sites, providing convenience and flexibility to brick makers.
automatic moving block making machine

Steps to Make Concrete Blocks:
Step 1: Preparation of Raw Materials
The first step in making concrete blocks is to prepare the necessary raw materials. This typically involves mixing sand, gravel, cement, and water in the right proportions, depending on the desired strength and quality of the blocks.
Step 2: Mixing the Concrete
Once the raw materials are ready, they are blended in a concrete mixer. The mixer ensures the ingredients are uniformly mixed and form a consistent concrete mixture. This step is crucial in ensuring the strength and durability of the final blocks.
automatic moving block making production line

Step 3: Placing the Mixture into the Machine
The prepared concrete mixture is then transferred into the hopper of the moving automatic brick making machine. The machine is designed with a conveyor system that efficiently feeds the mixture into the mold or the shaping mechanisms.
Step 4: Shaping the Blocks
The concrete mixture is shaped into blocks using specific molds or shaping mechanisms within the machine. The moving automatic brick making machine utilizes a hydraulic system to apply pressure and compact the mixture tightly, ensuring the blocks are well-formed and have a uniform density.
Step 5: Curing the Blocks
After shaping, the blocks are placed on a pallet or a rack and are left to cure. Curing is an essential step in the production process and involves providing the blocks with the right amount of moisture and time to strengthen and harden. This is usually done in a controlled environment that promotes proper curing conditions.
Step 6: Stacking and Packaging the Blocks
Once the curing process is completed, the cured concrete blocks are ready for stacking and packaging. They are carefully stacked on pallets or racks, ready to be transported to construction sites or storage facilities. Proper packaging ensures the blocks remain protected during transportation and storage.

moving block making production line

In conclusion, the moving automatic brick making machine has revolutionized the process of concrete block production, simplifying and streamlining it. Following the steps outlined above, brick manufacturers can create high-quality concrete blocks efficiently and effectively, meeting the demands of the construction industry.





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