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How to make perfect concrete blocks by automatic brick making machine

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To make perfect concrete blocks using an automatic brick making machine, follow these steps:

1. Preparation:

- Ensure that the raw materials, such as cement, sand, aggregate, and water, are readily available.

- Set up the automatic brick making machine and ensure it is in good working condition.

brick making machine line

2. Raw material mixing:

- Measure the required quantities of cement, sand, aggregate, and water according to the specifications for the concrete blocks.

- Use a concrete mixer or batching plant to thoroughly mix the ingredients until a consistent mixture is obtained.

block making material powder stone

3. Feeding the machine:

- Load the prepared concrete mixture into the hopper of the automatic brick making machine.

- Make sure the machine is set to the desired settings for block size and shape.

mold types

4. Block molding:

- Activate the machine to start the mold filling process. The machine will compact the concrete mixture into the desired block shape.

- The machine may have different modes, such as vibration or hydraulic pressure, to ensure proper compaction and removal of air voids.

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5. Curing and drying:

- Once the blocks have been molded, they need to be cured and dried properly for strength and durability.

- Depending on the specific requirements and curing methods recommended, the blocks may need to be kept damp and covered for a specified duration.

6. Demolding and stacking:

- After the curing period, demold the blocks carefully from the machine.

- Stack the blocks in a designated area to allow them to further dry and gain strength.

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7. Quality control:

- Regularly inspect and test the concrete blocks for dimensional accuracy, strength, and other quality parameters.

- Any defective blocks should be rejected and recycled.

Remember to always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for operating the specific automatic brick making machine you are using. Additionally, ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations during the entire process.





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