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Fully Automatic block Making Machine Description and Price

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Fully automatic block making machines are advanced machines that automate the entire brick making process without requiring any manual labor. They are high-performance machines that produce high-quality blocks in large quantities, significantly reducing production time and labor costs.

automatic block making machine

The machine's operation starts with a high-quality raw material feed. The machine's raw material storage system stores the material and automatically distributes it to the machine's molds. The machine then compacts the raw material, using hydraulic pressure to ensure that the bricks are of high quality.

These machines can make different block shapes and sizes, depending on the mold used. The machines come equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and touch screen interface that allows for easy operation. The PLC system also manages the machine parameters, automatically controlling the hydraulic pressure, vibration frequency, and time, ensuring consistency in block quality.

block types

Fully automatic block making machine prices depend on the machine's production capacity, ranging from 5000 to 20,000 blocks per day. The price range for these machines is between $10,000-$200,000.

automatic brick making machine

The main advantage of fully automatic block making machines is that they are perfect for mass production of high-quality blocks with minimal labor. They are ideal for large-scale commercial projects, as they can produce high-quality blocks in large quantities quickly.





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