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Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine Description and Price

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A fully automatic brick making machine is a technologically advanced and highly efficient equipment used for the mass production of bricks or blocks. It offers automated processes that handle various stages of brick manufacturing, including raw material preparation, mixing, molding, compaction, and ejection.

Here are some key features and components typically found in a fully automatic brick making machine:

1. Control system: Equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC), the control system allows for precise control over the entire production process. It enables operators to adjust parameters such as brick size, production speed, and vibration intensity.

plc control system

2. Material handling system: This system includes equipment like mixers, conveyors, and storage hoppers to handle the raw materials required for brick production, such as cement, sand, aggregate, and water. It ensures an optimal and consistent mixture to create high-quality bricks.

Semi automatic cement block making machine

3. Molding unit: The molding unit incorporates specialized molds or trays that determine the shape, size, and texture of the bricks being produced. It utilizes hydraulic pressure, vibration, or a combination of both to compact and form the bricks.

4-40 block type4

4. Compaction system: Fully automatic brick making machines employ powerful compaction systems, such as hydraulic cylinders or vibrating motors, to ensure proper compaction of the raw materials. This results in bricks with higher density, strength, and durability.

5. Ejection system: Once the bricks are molded and compacted, an automated ejection system removes the formed bricks from the molds or trays. The ejection process may involve mechanical pushers, hydraulic mechanisms, or other methods depending on the machine design.

mold types

6. Curing and drying: Some fully automatic brick making machines offer integrated curing and drying chambers or tunnels. These systems provide controlled environments to enhance the curing and drying process, resulting in stronger and more durable bricks.

7. Stacking and packaging: Depending on the model and additional accessories, fully automatic brick making machines may include features for stacking and packaging the finished bricks, reducing manual handling and improving efficiency.

concrete block application

As for the price of fully automatic brick making machines, it can vary significantly based on factors such as production capacity, machine specifications, brand reputation, and market demand. Prices can range from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is advisable to contact reputable manufacturers or suppliers to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information specific to your requirements and location.

automatic moving brick making production line

When considering the price, it's important to evaluate not only the initial investment but also the potential return on investment (ROI), operational costs, after-sales service, and warranty provided by the manufacturer. Carefully assess your production needs and budget constraints to make an informed decision.





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