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mobile block making machine

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The mobile non-burning brick machine, as the name suggests, is a brick machine that can move (walk) to make cement blocks. It has low energy consumption, large output, low noise, less labor, simple operation, electric walking, 360° hydraulic steering, energy saving and environmental protection. It is famous for its advantages such as no pallet, high forming rate, low investment and many other advantages. Once promoted, it is loved by friends all over the world. In order to let people better understand and understand the mobile non-burning brick machine, Fidelity Machinery will briefly and detailedly introduce the advantages of the mobile brick machine for customers to choose and refer to.

Advantages of manual brick making machine mobile brick machine brick laying machine :

1. Low energy consumption. The mobile brick machine with the same output saves more than 60% of electricity than the fixed brick machine with the same output. Take the 12A machine that can produce 12 blocks of 400X200X200 per mold, and its overall power is only 21.5KW. Because not all motors are working during work, only a dozen kilowatts are used in actual brick pressing. Low energy consumption is its absolute advantage.

2. Large output. One mold can be produced in 20-25 seconds at the fastest. 18 machines can produce 18 400X200X200 hollow blocks per mold, and 240X115X53 standard bricks can produce 90 blocks per mold, which can meet the needs of large-scale production.

3. Low noise. Because the mobile brick machine uses high-frequency model vibration technology, which is different from the stationary machine's Taiwan vibration technology (Taiwan vibration technology refers to the vibrator is directly placed on the host, the vibrator vibrates the body, the body is transmitted to the pallet, the pallet It is then transmitted to the mold to achieve the effect of vibration), the vibrator of the mobile brick machine is directly placed on the mold, and the mold is only vibrating during work. The mold and the body use shock-absorbing rubber springs and shock-absorbing steel springs to isolate the vibration from the host. , So the noise is very small, so small that the conversation between the workers on site is clearly visible. The noise of the machine is hardly heard 200 meters away from the open field. Moreover, one of the most fatal cases of fixed aircraft is frequent maintenance, because the fuselage is subjected to hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of vibrations every day, causing the fuselage to open and weld frequently. Experienced masters know that to buy a fixed brick machine, you have to be equipped with an electric welding machine to follow the welding every day, while the mobile brick machine uses mold vibration technology, so this problem is avoided, the maintenance rate is very low, so that foreign customers Order in large quantities.

4. Less labor and simple operation. The machine is simple and easy to learn, and foreign friends can control it perfectly with only an English manual. As long as there is material in the hopper, the machine, like a combine harvester, can complete all the work of fabrics, pressing, demoulding, and walking. The machine control has automatic and manual selection. After setting the automatic mode, after pressing a mold, the machine can walk forward and backward according to the set time and stop the production of the next mold like a chicken lays an egg, so the customer kindly calls it For the egg laying machine.

5. Electric walking, 360° hydraulic steering. When it comes to this, you will definitely say: I believe walking, how can such a big machine turn? We use hydraulic steering, which can make the machine turn around 360° directly on the spot. Because we have many years of experience in making mobile brick machines, the technology is quite mature, and we are professional because of concentration!

6. Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for pallets. Manufacturers of cement blocks know that fixed brick machines need pallets. People in the industry know that if you spend 100,000 yuan on a brick machine, you also need to spend 80,000 yuan on pallets. And the service life of the pallet is limited. Generally, it needs to be replaced in 1-2 years (the wooden pallet is in contact with water every day, and it will be wet for a long time. After a long time, it will deform and rot), so it is not a small amount to replace the pallet every year. It is costly and wastes forest resources. It is not environmentally friendly. It seriously violates the country's purpose of not only having golden mountains and silver mountains, but also green mountains and green waters. Therefore, the mobile brick machine without pallets contributes to the construction of our motherland and the environmental protection cause of our motherland!

7. High forming rate. Because the fixing machine presses the bricks on the pallet, the deformation of the pallet will affect the regularity of the bricks. And because cement is not a quick-setting agent, it needs a certain amount of time to increase its strength, so the cement bricks that have just been pressed have no strength, and they must be transported and taken away for curing after being pressed. Therefore, during the transfer, even if the walking is stable, it will not be able to avoid shaking, so that the finished bricks will have corners, explosion lines, etc. Even if the site cannot be observed with the naked eye, some of the internal structure has actually changed. When the site is used, this phenomenon will be completely exposed, causing the strength of the brick to fail to meet the standard, the integrity rate and other situations, which are left for customers. I made a bad impression. The mobile brick machine directly presses the bricks on the ground. After 24 hours, the bricks will have strength before they will be transported, stored and maintained. Therefore, the above factors are avoided, and the product qualification rate has basically reached 100%.

8. Small investment. Our company has a variety of models such as 2A.4A.6A.10A.12A and 18A machines for customers to choose from, from 2A machines of several thousand yuan to 18A machines of tens of thousands of yuan. Shop. The 18A machine can produce 18 400X200X200 cement blocks per mold. The output is very large. Because we are independent research and development, we do not have any other purchase technology costs, so we serve the people based on the principle of Our customers, the price of our mobile brick machine ranges from several thousand yuan to several hundred thousand yuan, and the specifications are complete, and you can choose and buy. Mobile brick machine is your best choice to make a fortune by making bricks!





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